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Don't have a design and need help with artwork?

No problem. Our art department is ready to help bring your ideas to life. It's our job and pleasure to give you the best look possible at a great rate. Below is an example of how the creative process worked for one of our customers:

Graphic Design: First 1/2 hr free, then $15 each 1/2 hr after (with order)
When sending artwork, we prefer files in Illustrator or Photoshop format with high resolution (300dpi). JPEG, GIF, and BMP file types may also be acceptable. Web art is rarely suitable for printing because it is saved in RGB color and low resolution (72dpi). When applicable, please be sure spot and process colors are saved and included with artwork.
If the art is to be used for screen-printing or vinyl, we prefer vector type files. These are files that have been created in programs like Adobe Illustrator and are usually saved out as an EPS file. Make sure to convert all text to OUTLINES, as this will eliminate having to send us any font files. Simply selecting the text and choosing the 'create outlines' selection under the 'type' menu can do this. It is very important step, as we may not have your fonts on our computers. If you are using another graphics program, please make sure all fonts are converted to 'curves' or 'outlines'.