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Get help preparing your files for quality results and faster turnaround

Embroidery and digitizing for embroidery

A clean 300 DPI JPEG is usually all we will need.

Screen printing

A JPEG is fine for quoting purposes. If you have created your graphics in Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, or other vector-based software please keep this in mind... on simple designs this can work out, but it's very rare that an artist who doesn't work on screen printed graphics will understand how to properly prepare or separate art for screen printing. You may provide us with some really cool vector art however we may still need our skilled artists to output the seps~ When you are sending Vector art please also remember to attach a JPEG.
If you are sending a vector-based EPS or PDF, please make sure you convert your type to outlines to avoid missing fonts.

Can I select different colors within an order?

Embroidery Yes.
Screen printing It's a challenge to describe to clients how their artwork is going to vary on different colored garments and how the underbase works in the artwork. For example if your shirt color remains the same and you are just requesting ink color changes then the answer is yes. If your screen printed graphic is a single color then yes...however most other scenarios would need to be reviewed individually. There are a lot more variables to screen printing than you may be able to imagine unless you are a veteran screen printer. Will you print or embroider to my specifications? Screen Printing and embroidery - Yes, if you would like us to position your graphic on a unique location of your shirt that information will need to be expressed to us when you place your order. Please be advised our standard prints are generally 11"-12" wide for full front or full back, 3.5" -4" wide for left chest. We are more than happy to accommodate your imagination but you need to let us in on your thoughts! Can I mix multiple apparel products in an order = 25, 51 or 100 and still receive the quantity pricing based on total quantity? Embroidery Pricing is based on the number of stitches not the quantity of shirts so price will remain the same for embroidery, (it is also OK to change the color of the garment for embroidery) Screen Printing Yes, if the print color and graphic size is to remain the same you can combine T-shirts Hoodies Sweat shirts golf shirts together. There are no minimums as far as size and quantity of each. If I order 100 apparel items, can I split them into two different graphics and still receive 100 quantity pricing? Embroidery N/A pricing will be based on the number of stitches to be sewn not on quantity of garments. Screen Printing No sorry, because it is not 100 quantity of the same graphic. The set-up involved with screen printing is a fixed cost that must be broken down across the span of an order. Ordering fewer products allows for less amortization of the set-up cost which is why lesser quantities will cost more. If I order 100 shirts now and discover I need 12 more later will I receive the same pricing? Embroidery Yes Screen Printing No, sorry, The set-up involved with screen printing is a fixed cost that is broken down across the span of an order this is why there are quantity discounts for screen printing. Ordering fewer products allows for less amortization of the set-up cost. Turn around time? Digitizing your logo for embroidery 72 hours

Embroidery and Screen Printing

10 business days Maximum from the time we receive you P.O. or deposit, quicker turn-arounds are possible depending on our in house production schedule. Please call or email if you need rush service, we will give you an honest yes or no. (we do not charge extra for rush orders if we can accommodate we will do so at no additional cost) The only exception to the 10 day turn-around is circumstances that are not in our control (ie. the Mill or wearable manufacturer runs out of a product and places them on back-order.) In this case we keep you informed and also offer potential substitutes for what you have ordered.
When and how do I pay? 50 percent deposit is required on all orders balance is due upon receipt (if you are picking up your order) or before shipment (if we are shipping your order). For digitized embroidery files payment is due before we email your electronic file. We do have a 100% guarantee on our products and services (always have, always will) We accept purchase orders from schools only.
How long have you been in business? Not surprisingly this is a question we hear frequently from new customers...more than 20 wonderful years and counting!
What are your minimum order requirements? Embroidery 1 piece
Screen Printing The established minimum order is 12 pieces. We will print less than 12 items however you will be paying a premium price for the printing. It's best that you call for an explanation in this case but honestly it will be even better if you can manage to get your order quantity real close to the minimum order of 12!